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CapriPay is a payment solution provider supported by an integrated cashback solution and merchant marketing system through FREE mobile applications.

The CapriPay mission is to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. We provide a trusted, safe, secure and easy method of acquiring, holding and using cryptocurrency. We empower our users to generate income through the simple act of everyday shopping.

You can decrease business costs as the transactions are free of charge. You can also market your products, increase sales volumes and the amount of customers by involving them in the CapriPay loyalty cashback program, in addition to the access to the growing list of marketing tools.

Capricoin (CPC) is an advanced cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It can be used as a method of payment or exchanged for another currency through an exchange such as bittrex.com or bleutrade.com.

Capricoin can be stored in your CapriPay account or in your Desktop wallet, and be used to make purchases online or at any physical shop that accept CapriPay as a method of payment.

Capricoins can be purchased from various external exchanges (Bittrex, Bluetrade, etc.), or earned through CapriPay's cashback loyalty programme. 

There are multiple ways of getting Capricoins for immediate use on your CapriPay account:

• Cashback in Capricoins from merchants that accept CapriPay as a method of payment

• Transfer from someone who already has Capricoin in their CapriPay accounts

• Transfer Capricoins from exchanges such as bittrex.com or bleutrade.com (use your wallet address to deposit CPC to CapriPay)

• Transfer Capricoins from your Desktop wallet 

Shopping with Online Shop:

 - If it’s an online shop, then after the check-out you will be given an option to pay with CapriPay. You will be transferred to the CapriPay payment page that will contain your order details and provide you with two options for completing your payment. First option is to login to your CapriPay account through the web browser and complete the order from there. Second option is to scan the order QR code and complete it with your CapriPay mobile app.

 Shopping with Local Shop:

- If it’s a local shop, or a physical shop then at the place of purchase the merchant will create an order from his side and give you an order QR code to scan.

Note: with the local shops it is only possible to pay using your CapriPay app (Internet connection required). Refrain from accessing your account on untrusted devices.


After you (the customer) have reviewed the order on your side you have an option of completing it, canceling it or taking no action and have it expire on its own after 15 minutes. Once you confirm your payment, the order will get processed instantly.


Both you and the merchant will receive an “order completed” notification, and the payment will be shown in your history page.

At this point the payment has been completed and confirmed in the system. 

Cashback is a loyalty reward program in which merchant agrees to give back a percentage of a good's price to his customer base after a purchase is made.

Each merchant is free to choose his own cashback percentage. When you browse through the list of CapriPay verified merchants you will see a yellow tag saying "Cashback" - This indicates the percentage of Capricoins you (the customer) will personally receive back from the total order price when shopping with that merchant. The higher the percentage the more cashback you get.

To make it easier, the system will calculate and show you how much cashback you are getting back before you complete the payment.

 As soon as a payment order is completed, the cashback will be added to your account.

Yes, all CapriPay merchants give cashback from 1% up to 25%. Every merchant chooses his own marketing approach. But the higher the merchant’s cashback - the better is his visibility and market appeal.

All refund rules should be discussed with the merchant who is providing the products or services.

CapriPay provides functionality that allows merchant to pay out refunds within the CapriPay system.

Coin transfers between members cannot be cancelled. Depending on the merchant type, an order can be refunded.

(All refund rules should be discussed with the merchants who is providing the products or service)

Online merchants  are web based shops that typically operate by receiving online payments and shipping out goods, and may not have a physical shop location.

Local merchants  are location based physical shops that operate in a specific location and process payments in the shop. 

If you are looking to store, transfer, shop, and earn cashback then you need a personal account.

If you are a business, and looking to process payments then you need a business account.

To open a personal account all you need is to choose a username, a password and a secret password to access and manage your account.  You will also need to provide your full name and a date of birth for security reasons, as well as your e-mail and mobile number for notifications.

Note: Your username will be used as your login and as your account address for member-to-member transactions.

To open a business account, in addition to information provided for opening a personal account, it will also require your business type, company name and address.

Please Provide valid and accurate information regarding account holder and business details as merchant wallet will need to undergo account verification before allowed to operate.

Note: Your username will be used as your login and as your account address for member-to-member transactions.

If you have registered a personal account and you want to upgrade it to business, you can do so by going to Your Account page and clicking the button “Upgrade to Merchant”.

A business account can be downgraded to personal account by contacting support.

No, it is not possible to register multiple accounts under the same username as the username is a unique property, and acts as the account address.

Yes, CapriPay e-mail can be used to open other CapriPay accounts.

You can download the CapriPay app from App Store or/and Google Play for free.

To activate the in-app registration process you will need to scan the invitation QR from a friend or provide an invitation voucher code.

There are no registration, subscription or other hidden fees for having a CapriPay personal or business wallet.

You can reset your password, and have it sent to your e-mail. Go to:

Login -> Password Recovery -> Complete the form

 You will need to provide both your username and your e-mail for the password to be reset.

If you forgot your login details, please contact customer support to help you resolve the problem.

If you do not receive CapriPay e-mails, please check your spam folder, and whitelist our e-mail address.

We suggest that you use secure e-mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

CapriPay website merchant section shows only verified merchants that were approved for the website listing. 
Once merchant transaction has completed a user will be able to rate and review the product or service received from the CapriPay merchant. 

All ratings and reviews will be publicly visible on the merchant’s profile which will further improve the shopping experience for both parties. 

The merchants will be incentivised to provide a good service in order to be listed among the top rated merchants, while the customers will be able to choose whom to do business with based on a merchant's rating.